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More 'Passion'

March 14, 2004

In Manohla Dargis' piece on Mel Gibson's "The Passion" ("From the Gibson School of Heroes," March 7) she writes that director George Stevens' film "The Greatest Story Ever Told" was, among other things, "partly cooked up by a Reader's Digest editor and poet Carl Sandburg.... "

First of all, Stevens was not one to let anyone else "partly cook up" any film of his, especially one of such huge proportions. Secondly, it was known at the time that Sandburg attended story conferences on "Greatest Story" but all too frequently fell asleep during the proceedings. His input into the film was minimal.

Marilyn Moss

Los Angeles


Thank you for Manohla Dargis' true and honest critique of this movie. I thought I was the only one who saw through all the hype. I haven't seen "The Passion" yet, and I don't intend to. It's just another movie made for the current masses who thrive on blood, guts and "extreme" violence for their "entertainment." Mel Gibson will reap the rewards he was after: money and "glory!"

I hope I see many more of her critical reviews on other ridiculous and transparent farces put out as entertainment.

Mary Lou Messersmith

Mission Viejo

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