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Black tie optional? Not for them

March 14, 2004

Regarding "On Cruises, Forget the Formalities" [Letters, March 7]: The words "decency and protocol" dictate the reason for wearing suits and ties to dinner aboard a cruise ship or a cargo vessel. It's part of what cruising is and always has been about.

It's your prerogative to have a burger at the mall while wearing the uniform of the day -- ball cap backward, cutoff jeans, undershirt and sandals -- but people see that every day, and most cruise to get away from the warts and take part in a dinner with fine memories.

Tom Moore

San Clemente


I have a suggestion for those who see the prospect of formal evenings at sea as a fate only slightly worse than death: Stay home. That way you can wear your sweats all day, eat fried chicken from a bucket and save your travel money.

Come on, folks. Cruises are more than just a way of getting from Point A to B. They're supposed to be special, and entering into the fantasy world of formal dress can be a marvelous part of the experience.

If you're still unconvinced, remember: Nearly all grown men and women look better in black tie and long dresses than they do in jeans and sweats.

Bonnie Sloane

Los Angeles

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