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Schools offer full music curriculum

March 18, 2004

In response to Steve Hochman's article about the Silverlake Music Conservatory ["The Real School of Rock," March 11], I would like to say that the two public schools that educated Dean Tambling, the student featured in the article, have been unjustly described by Tambling as "run-of-the-mill."

During a recent off-track session at North Hollywood High School, where Tambling is a student, my son was enrolled in daily classes for jazz band, marching band, concert band and orchestra, and practiced for the spring musical's orchestra -- at no cost to his parent.

Tambling was also lucky enough to have previously attended Walter Reed Middle School, where music class offerings included band, orchestra, flute ensemble, chorus, American musical, percussion ensemble, Jazz Band I and II and barbershop quartet.

The music rooms at both of these schools are jammed with trophies.

Have Steve Hochman drop by North Hollywood High School this weekend for "Guys and Dolls." He'll be amazed at the quality of musical education these talented kids are receiving.

Shelley Van Heusen


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