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Lowering the Barr on Martha Stewart

March 20, 2004

Re "Roseanne Barr Living, Doublewide," Commentary, March 16: By capitalizing on Martha Stewart's troubles, Roseanne Barr is even lower than she proudly describes herself as being. The cultural chasm between the two is worth noting.

Roseanne is a slave to the corporate food industry, opting to impoverish herself on Spam and SpagettiOs when, for less money and more ingenuity, boiling pasta and cooking up some homemade sauce would have gotten her further in those hard times she no longer has to endure. Roseanne represents an impoverished America, one that has little independent thought and depends on corporate messages that say how and where to spend one's dollar.

Stewart, like her or not, actually managed to disseminate the American dream, inspiring many to take their own initiative to try something new. She has engaged people to creatively approach and improve their surroundings. She represents an America that is constantly evaluating and improving upon itself. She's got troubles now, but so does Roseanne.

Anna Donlin

Los Angeles


I just finished reading Barr's commentary and Robert Scheer's "Dear W, Your Father Knew Best," on the same day, and I was struck by the difference between the two. Roseanne's was entertaining and had something useful to say. Scheer's, once again, made a good liner for my parakeet's bird cage. Way to go, Roseanne!

Steve Stillman

Redondo Beach

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