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Spain Joins 'the Coalition of the Unwilling'

March 20, 2004

I am saddened by the terrorist attacks in Spain. This spring I had intended to take seven family members (of Spanish descent) and friends to visit there. I was hoping that Spain, its U.S. friends and other civilized countries would take this opportunity to genuinely unite in fighting terrorism. Instead, Spain's people quickly changed their political views, elected a Socialist leader and denounced U.S. policies. I am certain the terrorist group responsible for Spain's tragedy could not be more pleased.

Though I have some criticisms of U.S. foreign policy, I believe all countries need to be united against terrorism. As to my plans to visit Spain? Canceled!

C. Larry Fancher



Now that Spain has joined the coalition of the unwilling, perhaps the Bush spin doctors will swing back into action. When the French resisted our call to invade Iraq, French fries became "freedom fries," etc. So get ready for "freedom rice" and (my favorite) "the freedom inquisition."

Mike Farrow



To those who think the rejection of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's conservative Popular Party is a victory for the terrorists of March 11, please consider this alternative view.

For voters in a democracy to keep a party in power they do not support, out of fear of terrorists, could also be interpreted as a victory for terrorism. Spanish voters disapproved of Spain's involvement in the Iraq war by 90%, and they blame the Madrid attack on this policy. Last Sunday a free people voted their convictions, not their fears.

Jacob Crabtree



The change of government in Spain is yet another indication of how badly the Bush administration has handled Iraq. And what's the big scandal here in the States? Janet Jackson's breast and naughty words on the radio. That's what we're flummoxed about. I knew that Joseph McCarthy would be back, but I never thought he would be so well received.

Stan Brown



If Iraq is not part of the war on terror ... then why did Al Qaeda attack Spain?

Richard McEnroe

North Hollywood


The war in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism. In what we confused as patriotism, we carelessly and arrogantly led our young men and women into a war without end.

Now that Congress has pending legislation (S 89 and HR 163) to prepare for a military draft (after the election), we might think twice about the consequences of continuing to believe what President Bush tells us.

Maria Zambrano


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