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Anchor appeal

March 21, 2004

According to "He's Live in L.A." (March 14) CBS' choice to lead Channel 2 out of third-place ratings has a "deep voice," an "off-the-cuff sense of humor," "pimpalicious suits," can "clean your clock" playing Trivial Pursuit, "loves pea soup" and possesses "incredible looks." After 20 years of newscasting in Minneapolis, Paul Magers is described as

1. good at breaking news and

2. making people laugh. These attributes have been rewarded with $2.2 million in pay and the ability to purchase a $6.5-million estate.

Missing from this enlightening article was Magers' college experience, military experience, if any, an ability to speak a foreign language, job experience other than TV, attitude toward his responsibilities regarding newscasting and whether he has written anything.

A new, white male newscaster from Minneapolis ("it's all about agriculture and soybean deals") seems an appropriate choice to address Los Angeles, a dynamic, world-class super city with major crime problems, traffic congestion, educational demise, runaway production, an intricate political pecking order and, oh yes, a growing population of blacks, Latinos and Asians that outnumber Caucasians.

Thank you, CBS, for rising to the anchor challenge!

John Holmstrom



Mr. Magers' star power in the staid Midwest will not translate into "ratings magic" in the vast multicultural L.A. market. Also, his rather low-key, humdrum manner of delivering the news calls out for a charisma transplant. This $2.2-million gamble on Paul Magers looks as though it will be "lost in (regional) translation."

Dan Anzel

Los Angeles

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