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Hats off to the new Parisian

March 21, 2004

I loved reading "Paris Calls, and a New Adventure Is About to Begin" [Her World, March 7]. I've been recently to Paris for the first time (and, I hope, not my last) and I fell in love with the city. Everywhere I went I was in awe of the beauty and history of the city, from the cathedral of Notre Dame to the imposing art/history collection of the Louvre, where I got a chance to see the original "Mona Lisa," by Leonardo da Vinci.

Like you and many travelers to France, I've heard horror stories about the French people's arrogance and inhospitality, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them friendly and welcoming during my stay.

Otman Estrada

Los Angeles


Just wanted to say "Good for you!" to Susan Spano on her Paris trip. I've often been inspired by her "Her World" columns, and with this move she inspired me again.

About the Parisians: It's helpful to think of them as New Yorkers. They have a lot of attitude, and sometimes, if you give it right back to them, they'll like and respect you more.

However, I have found in recent years that they are friendlier and many are learning English.

Maureen Droney

Woodland Hills


Bravo, Susan! What a wonderful thing to do. Count me among the envious.

Renee Tobin

Rancho Cucamonga

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