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Many are learning Tia's lesson

March 25, 2004

It is only too bad that this wonderful account of a "real family" didn't make it to the front page of The Times (" 'Tia's Father' Says It All," March 18). As a parent of two children who came to my husband and me by adoption (as well as two children who did not come to us by adoption), I confirm Michael Kearns' experience: Bonds between parents and children are formed by shared experiences, not shared genes.

Lynn F. Kessler

Sherman Oaks


KEARNS' story should put to rest the timeworn argument that gays are somehow different from straights (" 'Tia's Father' Says It All," March 18). I'm a married father of two and a Scoutmaster from Chicago who happened to read Kearns' story in your paper. Anyone who is still struggling with the question of gay rights should read his story to get a little perspective. If Tia can understand that her dad is "the best wacky dad in the world," why can't the rest of us? Please let Michael Kearns and his daughter, Tia, know that their lives are an inspiration to us all.

Michael Crismyre


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