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Let's see if I understand this latest public radio folly...

March 27, 2004

Let's see if I understand this latest public radio folly. NPR is replacing the founding host of "Morning Edition" just before that show has its 25th anniversary ["NPR Changes Key Host," Mar. 24]. The average weekly listener audience is the second highest in the nation, the highest in listener-sponsored public radio.

According to the writer of the article, Steve Carney, "Replacing Edwards is probably NPR's biggest personnel change and challenge yet."

So, NPR is just looking for a new challenge? They will find that challenge come pledge break time.

It appears we have lost the war on drugs.

Ned Norene



I am 21 years old and have been listening to NPR as long as I can remember. I assume that when spokeswoman Laura Gross said this "is a chance to move the program into the future," she was referring to an attempt to attract younger listeners like myself. I speak for many NPR addicts my age in saying this is a terribly misguided attempt to do so.

It is humiliating and insulting to remove Bob Edwards only months before celebrating the show's 25th anniversary. My feelings toward NPR's management can be described only as angry and bitter. For listeners my age, they have removed someone who represents the best of the generation before me -- a true mentor on the radio.

Erik R. Stegman

Long Beach


Trivia (but not so trivial) question: At what age did CBS decide to dump Walter Cronkite?

Colleen Friend

Los Angeles

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