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Battle Against Steroids Isn't Going to Be Pretty

March 27, 2004

Bill Plaschke urges baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to initiate a blatantly illegal and admittedly futile rule change in the collective bargaining agreement to force the issue of steroids and make union President Don Fehr look bad.

It's hard to defend the union's position on the steroid issue, but Fehr is doing what he is supposed to do, that is, fight as hard as he can for the best interests of his constituents, the players. Selig, on the other hand, should never have become commissioner at all because, as an owner, it was always unclear whose interests he was serving, his fellow owners' or, as the provision says, "the best interests of baseball."

Amazingly, Plaschke refers to Fehr as "soulless." What does that make Selig? James Brown?

Evan Puziss

Mar Vista


We cannot expect the baseball commissioner to take action against players who are found to have violated the steroid ban. Our society tolerates much worse from its leaders, from duck hunters to influence peddlers, so something as trivial as professional baseball is unlikely to surface as a moral beacon.

As far as I am concerned, Roger Maris stills holds the home-run record at 61.

Kevin Park

North Hollywood

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