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No One Is Having a Season Like Bryant's

March 27, 2004

The media have already given the most-valuable-player trophy to Kevin Garnett, but they might have to take it back. My parents have always told me the race is not over until you cross the finish line. Judging from Kobe Bryant's performances in the last months, the coronation of KG might be a little premature.

Kobe has refused to allow the Lakers to slip into mediocrity, even when he and half the team needed 24-hour medical attention. He has loaded the Lakers on his banged-up shoulders and is taking them to their rightful place, head of the class.

Willis Barton

Los Angeles


Hey Sacramento, thanks for showing up Wednesday night. A 25-1 run? Gutty. The Fab Four are back. Put that in your collective cowbells and ring 'em.

Got any June plans? Webber, Divac and the other Queens should be checking out Priceline for some good seats at this year's Laker victory parade.

John Fraser



Dear Mr. Plaschke,

Will you please formulate an opinion about the Lakers and stick with it?

Ryan Davies

Sherman Oaks

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