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We Can't Forget Our Favorite Co-Owners

March 27, 2004

The first thing the new Angel owner did for the fans was to lower the price of beer. The first thing the new Dodger owner did for the fans was raise the price of parking. Here's an idea: If the parking lot maven really wants to make money, he can start a park-and-ride shuttle service from the Dodger Stadium parking lot to Anaheim.

Michael Horowicz

Sherman Oaks


Glad to read in Saturday's sports section that Frank McCourt will be a hands-on Dodger owner.

He can start by sticking a cork in Jamie's mouth.

Ski Kazmierski



I can recall when Tommy Lasorda would annually sing the praises of Peter O'Malley when his rolling one-year contract was renewed. Now Tommy is praising the rookie owner who can't keep the faithful Dodger staff from leaving in disgust.

One Dodger tradition has not changed with the owners: Tommy's loyalty to the guy signing his paychecks.

Pete Russo

San Clemente


It was the fall of 1993 and the Dodgers were looking for a leadoff batter, someone to make the offense go.

So they made a trade that everyone thought was a steal. I know I did, and I don't remember anyone at the time knocking the Dodgers for it.

Care to revisit the Delino DeShields-Pedro Martinez trade?

So when Ross Newhan writes that players on other teams are happy the Dodgers aren't getting another bat, my reaction is, big, stinking deal. Players are, by their very nature, interested in right now -- this year. They don't think long term. That's why teams are run by general managers and not by players.

It's obvious that bashing the McCourts is going to be a full-time hobby for many around town, writers and fans alike. But just because they take a position, it doesn't automatically make it wrong.

Michael Forrest

Porter Ranch


I am perplexed by all the adverse publicity surrounding the McCourts.

I believe their direction for the organization, as well as their inimitable management style, are a perfect fit for the Dodgers. It is my hope that Frank and Jamie will maintain an enduring tenure with this franchise for many years to come.

Oh, by the way, I am a lifelong Giant fan.

Gary Yamada


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