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Missed message

March 28, 2004

"Nirvana in the Palisades" (by Deborah Netburn, March 14) portrayed persecuted people at play, omitting the Tibetans' plight completely. Their message is one of compassion and unconditional love for others, including their enemies. Their philosophy is an antidote to the rampant hate and exploitation of others that characterize our time. They shared this message with more than 4,000 people in the Los Angeles area, including many schoolchildren. The generous support of schools, museums, libraries and private parties throughout this tour has assisted the monks in supporting and feeding 1,750 monks, and rebuilding their monastery (one of more than 6,000 destroyed) in India.

It was a great privilege to share our homes with them, but neither they nor we ever lost sight of the sacred and serious purpose behind their visit.

Katharine Rodman

and Karen Fairbank

Pacific Palisades

Liberty Godshall

Santa Monica

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