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Earthly Lessons From the Red Planet

March 28, 2004

Re "A Salty Sea Long Ago Lapped on Surface of Mars, NASA Discovers," March 24:

NASA scientists are justifiably excited by the discovery that water once existed on Mars. Much may be learned about the origins of our solar system, the demise of a once-thriving environment and the implications for our planet. Perhaps the Red Planet once supported advanced, intelligent life. And maybe nationalist, separatist, extremist and antiglobal forces took over. Then the Martians' war-waging technology exceeded their ability to control it, and they destroyed themselves and the planet's delicately balanced environment, turning it into a lifeless desert. But it's all just crazy speculation. It could never happen.

Nancy Lloyd



I found it ironic that "Medicare Could Go Broke by 2019" (March 24) ended up next to a picture of a rock on Mars called "Last Chance." Our government spends a billion dollars confirming that one planet has dried up yet doesn't spend a penny to prevent the other.

Pat Barnes

Valley Village

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