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Dodgers' Television Promise Almost a Reality

March 30, 2004|Larry Stewart | Times Staff Writer

The Dodgers have almost made good on owner Frank McCourt's promise that every game will be televised this season.

Following an announcement Monday of 11 additional games to be televised on Fox Sports Net 2, only three games, all scheduled on Saturdays, are not scheduled for television.

Placement of those three games may be difficult because of the Fox network's exclusivity on Saturdays.

In addition to the 11 new telecast dates, which bring the Fox Sports Net 2 total to 91, it also was announced that three games in April will be offered by Fox Sports Net 2 to cable operators to air on a local origination channel or an expanded basic cable channel.

Those games, which cannot be televised on Fox Sports Net 2 because of conflicts with the Clippers, include a home game against San Diego April 7 and games at San Diego April 13-14.

Channel 13 is set to televise 50 games, and ESPN and the Fox network (Channel 11 in Los Angeles) are set to televise a combined 12.

The 91 games on Fox Sports Net 2, the 50 on Channel 13 and the 12 on national television add up to 153. Three games against the Angels July 2-4 will be televised locally by the Angels.

Meanwhile, the Angels plan to televise 80 games on Fox Sports Net, 46 on Channel 9, 11 on Channel 56, 10 on Channel 30 and two in Spanish on Channel 22. ESPN and the Fox network will show a combined six games.

The telecasts on the Fox Sports Net channels are all-time highs. Last season, 81 Dodger games were televised on Fox Sports Net 2 and 58 Angel games were shown on Fox Sports Net.

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