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Soccer mom jumps into the jean pool

November 02, 2004|Booth Moore | Times Staff Writer

Sitting in the Rock & Republic design studio in Culver City, a comfortable distance from the preying paparazzi lenses outside, Victoria Beckham is poured into a pair of jeans from her new collection for the denim label. Although she's six months pregnant and sporting a maternity style, Beckham is still impossibly skinny and the jeans are perfect, with picks and tears that look as if a cat has had its way with them.

Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, a.k.a. Mrs. David Beckham, is in Los Angeles to launch her new "VB Rocks" collection for Rock & Republic at a fashion show and to continue her quest to make a dent in the American market. Her career may be lagging (her solo albums were minimally successful, and she was recently replaced by Kate Moss as the face of Rocawear clothing). But still, she is relentlessly pursued by the media, so much so that her publicist tries (and fails) to insist that a reporter and a photographer sign a contract pertaining to the control of Beckham's image.

"She's one of the most photographed women in the world," the publicist says.

After the photo issue is straightened out, Beckham turns herself on, and suddenly she's all smiles and girlfriend chat.

"I've got hundreds of pairs of jeans, but I didn't have any that I thought fitted me right," she says, explaining her latest venture. "I wanted some that were stretch, that were low cut and skinny in the leg with a flare but were long. And also had a vintage feel because of the wash." She chose Rock & Republic, she says, because of the label's quality and bum-hugging fit. "They have a Wonderbra effect."

"I've always liked clothes, more so than music even, but it's only because of the Spice Girls that I've been given the opportunity to do this," she says, stroking her long mane.

Her heartthrob husband, David Beckham, helped usher in the age of the metrosexual with his cornrows and consummate grooming. But Victoria is a fashion plate too; she works with designers such as Dolce & Gabbana to create her own looks. She's endorsed several lines before and also designs clutch purses and baby bags.

"I've always wanted to have clothing in Fred Segal," she muses. "Even with all I achieved with the Spice Girls, if you asked what was my ambition, it would be to have clothes in Fred Segal and shoes in Barneys New York." ("VB Rocks" jeans will be sold for about $300 at Fred Segal and Kitson. The line does not include maternity wear; Beckham's jeans were specially made.)

When she's in L.A., she likes to hit vintage stores (driven in a chauffeured Suburban) and "buy out Footlocker for trainers for the kids." (The couple has two sons. ) For dinner, she stops into Koi or Spago. "I can find something to eat anywhere at the moment!" she says, alluding to her pregnancy, hidden beneath a brown knit poncho.

The 240-acre estate she and her husband own outside London has been dubbed "Beckingham Palace." But for more than a year, they've been trying to adjust to life in Spain, where "the children have five film crews following them to school," she says.

Perhaps the highest profile soccer player in the world, former Manchester United captain David Beckham signed with Real Madrid last year. And the state of the marriage has been the subject of media scrutiny ever since. They are expecting a third son early next year. "We're working on a team," she jokes.

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