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LAX Gun Incident Raises Eyebrows

October 05, 2004

Re "Weapons Incident Probed," Oct. 2: The real question involving LAPD anti-terrorism chief John Miller's gun incident at LAX is not if he is going to be charged with a misdemeanor, and it is not if the "I forgot" defense is going to join the "Twinkie defense" in the annals of jurisprudence. Nor is it if he is going to allow LAPD officers to avoid punishment by using the same lame excuse he did.

No, the question is, what qualified a TV news anchor to be handpicked by LAPD Chief Bill Bratton for what is arguably the department's most important job? Let us hope he has much more training and experience than having interviewed Osama bin Laden once and having been Bratton's PR hack on the NYPD.

Rodney K. Gregson



Is anyone concerned that LAPD anti-terror chief John Miller had a loaded gun in a carry-on bag -- and did not know it was there? How can you be that casual about a gun? I don't care if he was getting on a plane or working at home. This cannot be proper gun handling, and no one who is this casual about his gun should be allowed to carry one.

Dan Kronstadt

Shadow Hills

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