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License Bill Reflects Lawmakers' Blindness

September 02, 2004

Re "Driver's License Bill Clears Legislature but Faces Veto," Aug. 28: If anyone still needs proof of the wildly dysfunctional nature of our state Legislature, look no further than the passage of the bill granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Polls show that the issue is disfavored by a large majority of all classes of citizens in our state, yet our dysfunctional Legislature presses on, wasting time and energy on the bill. Whatever happened to representing the viewpoint of your constituents?

Unfortunately this is only one example of many unpopular or trivial issues our legislators have chosen to address. And they have the temerity to wax incredulous that the governor would suggest making them a part-time body. If it does happen, then, just as with term limits, they will have no one to blame but themselves. Will they never learn?

David R. Gillespie

Bonita, Calif.


The bill would "give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants who passed a criminal background check." Exactly how do you pass a criminal background check if you're doing something illegal?

Joe Sykora

Woodland Hills

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