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Case Against Bryant Ends With a Whimper

September 04, 2004

Regardless of what actually transpired between Kobe Bryant and his young female accuser that night, the only indisputable rape victim here is Lady Justice.

Michael Miyamoto

Mission Viejo


How many millions of people saw this coming, the criminal charges being dropped at the last second ... and the money-grabbing following? A 10-year-old could have predicted it.

The financial loss to Kobe won't be felt even slightly, but the stench of a calculating young girl reaping big money from the courts for consensual sex should not be tolerated.

I say no settlement for the girl, Kobe pays all legal fees, and the D.A. and his cronies are given the boot for being amateurs. Case closed.

Gregg Freeman

Simi Valley


So here, as I imagine it, is the scenario:

FADE IN: Kobe Bryant is charged with sexual assault by a prosecutor who promises he has all the necessary evidence to convict Bryant and put him away for life.

DISSOLVE TO: While everyone is awaiting the beginning of the trial, Jerry Buss, the party most likely to be affected by Bryant's potential conviction, next to Bryant and his family, dismantles his team to make sure Kobe is on the floor when Laker basketball season starts. The audience squirms. What will happen to the team if Kobe is tried and convicted?

DISSOLVE TO: Buss in an office, getting the absolute, positive promise that not only will Kobe not be convicted, there won't even be a trial.

DISSOLVE TO: Suddenly, after only a couple of days of jury selection, the prosecution decides to drop the charges, and somewhere, off in some corner of the world, Buss smiles, satisfied with a job well done. The audience (Laker fans) sighs with relief, as we FADE OUT.

Joel Rapp

Los Angeles


Kobe may have dodged a bullet with the dismissal of charges, but there is no letting him off the hook for driving Shaq and Phil out of town.

Jeff Black

Beverly Hills

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