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Closing the Door on the Athens Games

September 04, 2004

Isn't there a baton-exchange coach in the United States? We need one. How about a little practice?

Next time, wrap a shoe-endorsement contract around the stick and it will get around the track.

Dick Green

Mission Viejo


Is the phrase "fame is fleeting" meaningful to Larry Brown? He takes a low-priced team devoid of superstars and does one of the best NBA coaching jobs in history, then transforms into the coach who can't beat a zone with a team of high-priced NBA stars? Next, he calls a timeout with 23 seconds left with an 11-point lead.

Allen Iverson came off as the professional senior spokesman for the team and Larry Brown as the ugly American.

What is happening in Larry's world?

Duane Gomer

Coto de Caza


Does anyone see a similarity between the U.S. Olympic basketball team and last year's Lakers?

Each was a disappointment, never a team and never on the same page from the beginning.

Gary Traxler



The only honorable thing for Paul Hamm to do is to give the gold medal back, as he received it by mistake. If a clerk in a store gives you back too much change, if you are honorable, you give it back.

Robert C. Mason

Simi Valley


As a former collegiate gymnast, coach and judge, I find the recent letter from the international gymnastics federation asking Paul Hamm to relinquish his gold medal so far beyond appalling, there are no words to describe it.

Admittedly the disappointment felt by the South Korean bronze medalist must be devastating, to say nothing about the pressure the coach must be getting from their government, but where is their responsibility?

I wonder what the South Koreans would say if FIG agreed to rescore the routine from the tape with a new, unaffiliated, multiple set of judging panels. Would the South Koreans be willing to gamble their bronze medal against no medal if the new panel took the other missed deductions, including the 0.2 for the fourth hold move?

Jan Fambro

West Los Angeles


The photo on the front page of the Aug. 28 sports section is the most poignant of the Olympic Games and speaks volumes about the young people who represent this country.

The way Marion Jones and LaTasha Colander immediately and unconditionally consoled Lauryn Williams, and the way they and Angela Williams stepped up and talked before the television cameras, made me proud to be a fellow American.

Kip Dellinger

Los Angeles


Five medals four years ago, none this time. Has the world gotten that much better or was there something enhancing Marion Jones' performance last time around?

Joe Sykora

Woodland Hills


Many still remember the 1972 Olympic marathon, won by Frank Shorter, and an impostor entering the stadium before him. Worldwide media refused to print the fool's name, so why do we get a picture and resume of this year's dunce?

Kevin Park

North Hollywood

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