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First in the Standings, Not in the Fans' Hearts

September 04, 2004

A club divided against itself cannot stand. I believe the Dodgers will cease to be a contending club next year when Paul DePodesta, with the consent of Frank McCourt, sells off all the stars now making more than $10 million a year.

I do not expect the Dodgers to fail this year to win the division, but I do expect them to lose to the St. Louis Cardinals in five games.

Dedicated Dodger fans who love the game know that McCourt has many debts to pay and bought the Dodgers to make money, not win titles.

Go ahead DePodesta fans, cheer him on: In the end he would even sell his own mother in order to make a few more bucks for McCourt.

Lee Jay Meyers



I was extremely disappointed to read that Paul DePodesta is giving serious consideration to giving Jim Tracy and his coaching staff new contracts.

It should be quite obvious that Tracy had very little to do with the Dodgers' success.

Tracy had nothing to do with Beltre, Cora and Izturis hitting far beyond their expectations and Cora and Izturis becoming the best double-play combo in baseball.

In fact in 2003, he awarded Joey Thurston the second base job before even stepping on the field. Now Cora is the manager on the field.

The Dodgers have made some excellent improvements in their front office. At the end of the season it's time to make some on-field changes, even if they win the World Series.

Bottom line: Tracy and his staff make too many mistakes and are often out-managed.

The Dodgers are no place for on-the-job training.

J. J. Volpe

Long Beach


Beltre is playing hurt, yet he is playing every game. Albert Pujols is playing hurt, yet playing every game.

Barry Bonds takes games off in the heat of a wild-card race.

MVPs play when it counts.

Steve Allen

Palm Springs

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