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On Outsourcing Road, Traffic Is One-Way

September 05, 2004

Regarding James Flanigan's column "The Global Economy's 2-Way Street," Aug. 29:

More than 3 million U.S. manufacturing jobs have evaporated in the last four years, and U.S. industry invested $151 billion overseas last year -- but guess what? Offshore investors invested almost $30 billion in the United States.

So that makes everything OK?

Two-way street? More like a highway going out, and a donkey path in.

Benjamin Cole

Los Angeles


One thing is certain: Your position as a financial analyst is ripe to be offshored.

I am certain that there is someone in India who is qualified to write your column for one-tenth of your compensation.

As far as globalization, in essence the United States is not trading but simply buying goods and services from countries like China and India. We run an enormous trade deficit with China (and India is sure to follow).

I do not see how this model benefits the majority of Americans now or in the future.

Brett Blashill

San Clemente

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