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So refreshing

September 05, 2004

Terry Gross' "Fresh Air" is perky, her giggles and laughs and pure enjoyment of her guests are so ... well ... fresh ("Voice of Experience," Aug. 29).

I do not like many performers; then Terry interviews, prods, shares, laughs and invades their inner selves with no self-consciousness in her invasion of the seldom-explored.

Terry, I love your stature, your voice, your giggles and your intelligence. Forget about superficial TV and stick with the beautiful patter you've created and share with so many of us. Imagination is still there for us listeners.

Sandy Goodkin

San Diego


It may surprise Terry Gross that what attracted me to her interview was her photo. It reflected sensitivity, caring, intelligence and strength -- each qualities of spirit. Her words served to confirm my response.

It saddened me to read of how she perceives others' responses to meeting her. The harsh fact is she may be correct. This only proves the untruth some falsely foster, that attractiveness is a physical quality, not a spiritual one. The truth is stronger.

Jeanine D'Elia

Granada Hills

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