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Forging a Strategy for Afghanistan

September 05, 2004

Re "Remember Afghanistan?" editorial, Sept. 1: Washington's shortchanging in Afghanistan could be more catastrophic than the war in Iraq. The problem of getting more NATO and European support in the security and reconstruction depends on America's comprehensive, clear Afghanistan policy.

The Taliban and other insurgents cross the border to find sanctuary and get training and supplies. Afghanistan's warlords find support from the outside. The outside bases must be eliminated to wipe out Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives. Even the U.N. resolution allows the destruction of these terrorist camps. Unless these sources are checked, progress in the Afghanistan war remains untenable.

Nirode Mohanty

Huntington Beach


I was having trouble understanding why the Bush administration did not finish up in Afghanistan before tackling Iraq, especially because Iraq was not an imminent threat. It has to be because there is no oil in Afghanistan.

C. Martin Vincent

Rancho Palos Verdes

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