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U.S. Should Reconsider Relationship With Israel

September 06, 2004

Re "The Evidence, Please," editorial, Sept. 2: The spy flap over Larry Franklin possibly passing classified information to Israel, along with the knowledge that Israel has spied and continues to spy upon us, does indeed support the view that Israel has hijacked or has a large hand in our Middle East foreign policy.

At this point, the real justification for the war in Iraq seems evermore to have been the desire to protect Israel rather than the United States.

After all, Iraq did not attack us nor was it connected to Al Qaeda. It is on the other side of the globe, but Iraq's very short-range missiles might have reached Israel.

The neocons Richard Perle, Franklin, Douglas Feith and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz all have ties to Israel. Thus, it appears, our preemptive war strategy against Iraq, prompted by these men, was influenced largely by Israel.

Israel is not an asset to us in the war against Muslim-sponsored terror. Rather, the one-sided support we have given it in the Palestinian conflict has been detrimental to us.

It is time to reevaluate our cushy relationship with Israel.

Charles Castro

Laguna Beach

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