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Weighing the Choices for the White House

September 07, 2004

Re "Kerry Counterpunches on Who's Fit to Serve," Sept. 3: The only response Sen. John Kerry made to the blistering attack on his national security credentials at the Republican convention was the same old one: President Bush's lack of war service and the attack on Iraq.

What I, as a voter, want to know is what Kerry would do to protect me in the future, in spite of his deplorable votes in the Senate. John Kerry just doesn't get it!

Arline George



Instead of showcasing his skills to be commander in chief, Kerry should emphasize important domestic issues, things that really matter to Americans in their everyday lives, such as low-cost medicines, affordable healthcare for all Americans, ensuring the economic stability of Social Security, reduction in crime, affordable housing, reasonably-priced gasoline, a cleaner environment, the creation of new jobs and improvement in our educational system.

If Kerry did this, it would greatly enhance his chances of getting elected, as these are the things that directly affect people.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Huntington Beach


In this election year it is the war in Iraq that weighs heavily on our minds. There is too much bravado and not enough common sense in our government.

This is not a John Wayne movie. If we don't want a repeat of Vietnam, we need a president who understands war. We need Kerry to help us find a real solution.

Edward Chambers

Thousand Oaks


I watched the Republican National Convention and was inspired. Now, I am not only going to donate money to help elect Kerry but will volunteer to work for his campaign as well.

Thomas DeAntonio



The image of the delegates at the Republican convention shouting "flip-flop" throughout the evening reignited the frustration of watching Kerry get beat up for changing his mind on critical issues over time.

I would hope any rational person changes his or her opinion over time as new information is received. Our goals in life change once we have children, our career path may take a new direction as the economy moves up or down. Life is all about change.

A critical reason for engaging in war in Iraq was to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction. The fact that we now know it has no weapons of mass destruction would move many a thinking person to reconsider our actions in Iraq. It is critical for our leaders to be responsive to new data and act responsibly based on new information. That is not irresponsible -- that's logical.

Sen. Kerry's judgment is sound, and I am grateful to have one candidate who approaches these complex issues with more than a one-note message.

Karen Widerynski

Long Beach


There's a very simple test we can all take to determine who should be the next president of the United States. If we are worse off financially now then we were four years ago, we should vote for Kerry. If our health insurance and prescription drugs cost more now than they did four years ago, we should again vote for Kerry.

If we went to war against Iraq unilaterally, because the president claimed that it had weapons of mass destruction and we are burying more of our sons and daughters because of that decision, we must vote for Kerry.

Ben Bronwein



At a crucial time in history, with the whole world watching, our country is faced with a choice -- between the worst president in history and the worst candidate in history.

Are we having fun yet?

Jonathan Aurthur

Santa Monica

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