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Two Ideas for Coping With LAX Problems

September 08, 2004

Replacing LAX with a modern, secure, high-capacity, uncontroversial airport in Palmdale would be a masterstroke ("An Immodest Proposal," editorial, Sept. 5). High-speed rail would make the trip to and from downtown in less than 30 minutes. The current LAX site could be redeveloped as a second downtown, with huge amounts of housing.

Like many brilliant ideas, once stated it seems obvious, but it will take leadership to make it happen. Surely the mayor and the governor can cooperate on something so important to the future of the region.

Richard Schumacher



The best improvement to Los Angeles International Airport would be to create three outlying check-in centers, located 15 or so miles from the airport. They would connect to the airport with underground, nonstop transportation systems that would deliver passengers who had been screened and ticketed, luggage checked directly to secured areas within the airport. This would greatly help to alleviate automobile traffic and congestion at the terminals. It would also help to reduce freeway traffic. One or more of the outlying check-in centers should be convenient to the freeway system.

Perhaps future expansion could include Burbank and Ontario airports.

Bob Corzine


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