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Birthday flowers, no water needed

September 12, 2004|Louise Roug

How to celebrate a 50th birthday?

For the Pasadena Art Alliance, with flowers. Of a kind, anyway.

Nearing its half-century mark, the alliance (which provides grants to support contemporary visual arts in Southern California) and its curator, Carol Ann Klondarides, contracted with visual artist Jessica Bronson to do video work to be projected in the interior courtyard at the One Colorado Boulevard shopping complex in Pasadena.

Bronson's video and sound installation, titled "five lobed and propagating," as well as an additional work, will be on view from dusk until midnight daily, Oct. 9 through Nov. 3.

With a pulsing, low-level soundtrack, the video stars lusciously colored flowers filmed in close-up with a kaleidoscopic lens, which in effect turns them into "devouring, sexualized maws," Times art critic Christopher Knight wrote this year when the work was shown at the Anna Helwing Gallery on La Cienega.

Anyway, happy birthday.


-- Louise Roug

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