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Jogging strollers keeping pace with the times

September 13, 2004|Roy M. Wallack

Sometimes the only way that parents with a young child at home can fit a run into their schedule is with a jogging stroller. Introduced about 20 years ago, these strollers now come in high-performance models that sport such features as fast-rolling bicycle wheels, hill-safe parking brakes, easily removable wheels and quick-folding frames.


A smooth ride and sun protection

B.O.B Sport Utility Stroller: An all-terrain stroller

Likes: Wide tires and good suspension help absorb shocks on roads and moderate trails. Tough polymer mag wheels. Mesh seat-back pocket and a big trunk. Sun canopy has a window on top that be pulled low near the child's waist, offering protection from sun or cold. Padded, washable seat.

Dislikes: None

Price: $295. (800) 893-2447;


Just fold and pack it into a car or closet

Kelty Joyrider 20: Loads into the car or minivan without having to remove the wheels.

Likes: Folds lengthwise like an accordion so you can pack it into narrow cargo spaces without removing the wheels. Two holders for water bottles. Stroller can be folded with one hand, enabling you to hold the child in the other. Large, windowed canopy that can be removed.

Dislikes: The split handlebar (necessary for the lateral folding) puts your hands at slightly different heights, which could be bothersome.

Price: $320. (800) 423-2320;


A two-seater that's always handy

NordicTrack Double Expedition: Side-by-side seating and a bargain price.

Likes: Folds easily by unclipping two handles. Tether links your wrist with the stroller, so it can't roll away. Large, windowed bonnet with quick-access side pockets for small items.

Dislikes: No padding in child's seat.

Price: $199 ($129 for single-child Expedition). (800) 215-7403;


As easy to fold as a beach chair

Baby Jogger Q-Series. Quick-folding model from company that invented the three-wheeled jogging stroller.

Likes: Easy folding mechanism: You pull up on a fabric handle near the seat, and the stroller collapses in half like a folding beach chair. Padded seat.

Dislikes: Sun canopy does not extend far enough forward to protect child from cold or late-afternoon sun.

Price: $349. (800) 241-1848;


-- Roy M. Wallack

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