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Libraries Offer Illiteracy Programs

September 13, 2004

Re "Study Finds Rampant Illiteracy in L.A. County," Sept. 9: The County of Los Angeles Public Library and the library of the city of Los Angeles both offer free programs designed to teach adults and families to read. These programs are easily accessed, user-friendly and offer individual instruction in English or Spanish. Many other local public library systems have similar programs available.

The public libraries of California have always worked hard to promote literacy, even now when their funding is diminished and the burden is largely taken up by volunteers. The public library is a priceless asset in the fight against illiteracy and is the natural site for such efforts.

Michael McGrorty

Editor, California Libraries



I hope that your article on illiteracy will serve as a wake-up call to American political leaders that it is high time that we take serious steps to curb illegal immigration and adopt a timeout from mass legal immigration. These responsible measures are necessary so that we can save our scarce resources to educate and invest in all those who are here legally and who want to be productive in this country.

Yeh Ling-Ling

Executive Director

Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America


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