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September 14, 2004

In a wink to his role in the 1972 backwoods drama "Deliverance," the makers of the current comedy "Without a Paddle" cast Burt Reynolds as a rugged individualist who befriends three camping buddies, including a former San Dimas water park "river guide," on the run from heavily armed pot farmers. Here's a then-and-now character snapshot:


Outerwear/coif: Neoprene vest unzipped to the navel; slick black double-wide sideburns

Gear: Hunting bow and quiver of steel-tipped arrows

Heaviest line: "Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything."

Lowest moment: Writhing in the bottom of a canoe with a compound femur fracture

Grisliest scene: Pulling an arrow from a fresh human corpse

Best outdoors line: "Hell, I've known tournament archers, damn good shots. Never out of the firin' range. Draw down on a live animal and they get buck fever."


"Without a Paddle"

Outerwear/coif: Pelt vest over long johns buttoned to the throat; snarled steel-wool mane and beard

Gear: Twin six-shooters and a buck knife

Heaviest line: "Remember, carry your friends wherever you go."

Lowest moment: Gyrating while jive-talking the '70s sitcom catchword "dyn-o-mite"

Grisliest scene: Frying squirrel for breakfast

Best outdoors line: "If I was going to kill you I would have done it outside."

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