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Prepare for any crisis

September 16, 2004|Ana Cantu

After their regular walking route to the Golden Gate Bridge was blocked for security reasons, Lauren David and Maria Spears realized their families weren't ready for possible terrorist attacks.

"With our schedules full, it was the last thing we had time to do. But living in California, we realized we need to be prepared for anything," Spears said. "But the kits we looked at just didn't work for us."

So the San Francisco residents did some research and created Kits in Case: The 911 customized emergency supplies. The basic House Kit ($275) covers a family of four, including enough water pouches and food bars for three days; smaller kits are available for couples and singles.

Each gray plastic bin comes stocked with more than 120 items, including a flashlight for each family member, a radio, first aid supplies and even a telephone that draws its power directly from the phone jack.

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Ana Cantu

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