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No Love for Gay Marriage Argument

September 18, 2004

Re "As Marriage Role Models, Straight Folks Need Work," Commentary, Sept. 14: The problem with Michael Gross and his Hollywood friends is that they bear little semblance to ordinary people.

Why shouldn't most straight marriages fail in an industry run by people fixated with anti-family views? These entertainment elites and partisan news media thugs have been on the fringe, trying to force their crackpot cultural views onto a majority that doesn't accept their self-righteous grandstanding any more than their pseudo-intellectual bullying.

This also explains why gay marriage is so important to them and not to the rest of us. And their hypocrisy is easily revealed. Ask any proponent of gay marriage if polygamy should be allowed, and most will automatically say no. Who's really being closed-minded now?

Pat Murphy

Pacific Palisades


Gross' commentary on marriage is another example of the liberal methodology and letting the lowest common denominator prevail. Gross states that gays ought to be able to marry because many in the straight community aren't doing too good a job with marriage. He ends his argument by proclaiming that the fairest thing to do is to let gays marry while the rest of us "put our own houses in order."

Nothing contrasts the liberal/conservative difference better than Gross' thinking. He chooses to focus on failed marriages in deciding that marriage should no longer be limited to a man and a woman.

As someone whom society would probably label a conservative, I choose to concentrate on the multitude of successful marriages throughout time in stating that marriage ought to continue solely between a man and woman.

Brett Tibbitts


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