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Let Housing Authority Rule on Home Loss

September 20, 2004

Re "Family Faces Loss of Home Over Signature," Sept. 16: The Yancy family has a 10-year history of compliance with integrity to the HUD Section 8 regulations. Surely, David Clark, acting Section 8 director for the L.A. Housing Authority, can make a ruling that reflects the "compassionate conservative" pledge of this administration because this is a "local decision by local officials," per Larry Bush, a HUD spokesman. "HUD rules allow the Housing Authority to take this step but it is not mandated by HUD."

Sister Diane Donoghue

Esperanza Community

Housing Corp., L.A.


Though I sympathize with the Yancys' situation, it must be noted that they have dug themselves into this hole. In the 10 years they have been on public assistance, they could have worked to develop marketable job skills and support themselves. Instead they chose to have three more children. If you can't afford to care for yourself, you have no business bringing more mouths to feed into the world for other taxpayers to feed, house and educate.

Dale Kutzera

Los Angeles

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