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Election Officials Block Students' Registration

September 20, 2004

Re "Colleges Stumble in Aiding Voter Registration," Sept. 14: It is not only colleges that are failing to live up to their responsibility to register young voters. In the last six months, election officials across the country have attempted to prevent students from registering in their college towns through intimidation, refusal to process registration forms or the establishment of next-to-impossible residency standards.

College students, like all individuals, are entitled to register and vote in the community they regard as home. At a time when voter turnout for young people has reached catastrophically low rates, it is essential that election officials remove all barriers to student voting.

If students cannot register the first time they attempt to vote, they will be less likely to participate in elections in the future.

Jennifer Weiser

Brennan Center for Justice

NYU School of Law

New York

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