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Documents Controversy Puts Rather in Hot Seat

September 22, 2004

Re "CBS Apologizes for Its Story on Bush Memos," Sept. 21: So the way that it's supposed to be seen is that Dan Rather giving out misinformation about President Bush is considered deplorable. On the other hand, Bush giving out misinformation about weapons of mass destruction, which has cost the lives of more than 1,000 U.S. soldiers and countless Iraqis, is considered not. It's funny how the whole thing works.

George Guzman

El Toro


After days on end of stonewalling and defensiveness, Old Dan has apologized, but to whom? Did he apologize to Bush for using fabricated evidence to try to damage his reputation? Did he apologize to the people whose thoughts were supposedly represented in the forged documents? Did he apologize to the American people for suggesting that it's OK to use fabricated evidence as long as you have a good-faith belief that the truth, if known, would not be substantially different?

Good thing Rather is not in law enforcement or we would all be in big trouble.

Rather would be better off saying "goodbye" instead of "I apologize," so that better men and women can repair the damage he has done to the credibility of the media.

Mike Post



Let me get this straight: A CBS producer arranges for the source of their fraudulent memos to speak with a senior John Kerry campaign aide? Does that make CBS a wing of the Kerry campaign? Aren't so-called 527 groups supposed to be independent?

Drake S. Levasheff



CBS. The house that Morrow built and Rather trashed.

Jim Koontz

Diamond Bar


How is it that CBS and the misguided National Guard story got major press and demands for apologies, while no one called for apologies from the people behind the malicious Swift boat ads when they were discredited? Maybe because the story was given second-tier coverage?

Amy Schwab

Los Angeles


Al Qaeda doesn't need to risk attacking the United States to affect the November elections when it has CBS and Rather to do its dirty work.

R.B. Richter

Seagoville, Texas

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