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Washington's Effort to Derail a Peace Train

September 24, 2004

I think it's outrageous that Cat Stevens is being deported for being a Muslim (Sept. 22). I can't think of anything more stupid to do in light of what's going on in Iraq. It just proves that the U.S. has a deep-rooted hatred against Islam, and confirms to everyone in the Middle East how ignorant we are.

Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) converted to his faith, is a peace advocate and has been a schoolteacher for years.

I'm tired of watching us pilloried around the world for our ignorance. In the name of the ideals of our country, won't someone stand up and stop these zealots? The administration worked hard to lead us into war; can't we work as hard for peace?

Rich Martini

Santa Monica


I am waiting for the Bush administration to hold a news conference hailing the capture of the sinister Yusuf Islam as a major victory in the war on terror. Insofar as I can tell, the former Cat Stevens was on the administration's "watch list" for re-releasing his subversive 1970s hit "Peace Train" as a protest to the still confusing and increasingly catastrophic war on Iraq. Yes, Osama bin Laden may still roam free three years after Sept. 11, but at least the vigilant chicken hawks of the Bush administration pounced like ferocious tigers onto this devious Cat.

Ed Herrera


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