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Strides Made in Making Vaccine Accessible

September 26, 2004

"After Decades, Developing World Is Still Waiting for a Vital Vaccine" (Sept. 5) brought an important global health issue to light.

Rotavirus, a disease that kills more than 500,000 children a year in the developing world, can be prevented with a vaccine.

Although the profit motive has been a principal driver of product development, the challenge now is to make these new vaccines accessible to the children in poor countries where the need is greatest.

The global vaccine community has risen to this challenge by forging and funding a new type of partnership between the public and private sectors to accelerate the introduction of rotavirus vaccines in the poorest countries of the world.

It is an exciting and innovative development whose significance should not be missed.

John Wecker

Director, Rotavirus

Vaccine Program, PATH


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