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More Crowing From Proud Owners of the Prius

September 26, 2004

I enjoyed Preston Lerner's article on hybrid cars ("Revenge of the Nerdmobiles," Aug. 29). My 80-plus-year-old neighbor traded in his 2001 Honda Insight for a 2004 Toyota Prius. His license plate reads "66 MPG," which he had on the Honda Insight as well. He claims he got 66 miles per gallon driving it from Sacramento to Chico. My friends facetiously said, "Did he mention it took him three days instead of three hours to get there?" I figure his combined outlay of cash for the two hybrid cars is about $50,000--to get more like 35 mpg. Go figure.

Tom Lease



As the happy owner of a 2004 Prius, I was thrilled to read a story on my perfect hybrid. Now when will California get smart and let me (as a single lady) drive in the carpool lane? I did decline putting a sticker on the back window of my first Prius three years ago that said "Eat My Voltage!" but I love leaving everyone behind when the light turns green.

Mary Mac Gonzalez


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