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September 26, 2004

Storage in a video room can be a challenge as "some people like to keep their DVDs in the room with them," says Theo Kalomirakis, who designs high-end home movie palaces. He conceals CD and DVD storage behind acoustical panels on the sides and rear of the theater. The panels have touch-latch mechanisms so smooth walls aren't marred by doorknobs or pulls.

When Alan Lofft, a former senior editor at Audio magazine, finally admitted to himself that his 1,000-plus CD collection was out of control, he bought two Sony CDP-CX455 400 Disc MegaStorage CD Changers. "I love the mega-changer; it's an incredible bargain [about $300]."

Lofft plugs his desktop computer keyboard into the changer and enters the name of each disc. He also can create sub-categories such as jazz and Baroque. Using the memory scroll of the changer's remote control, Lofft can see the name of every disc in the changer.

For those who have vast amounts of DVDs and cash, Loc Nguyen of AV Monsters in Irvine has taken the changer to the next level. He transfers and stores DVDs onto humongous hard drives, bigger than one terabyte (1,000 megabytes) each and four times larger than anything today in home computing. A wireless touch pad lists all the DVDs.

If your storage must be in plain view, the Eames Storage Units are great for fans of mid-century modern. Introduced by furniture manufacturer Herman Miller in 1952 and recently reintroduced, the easily modified modules are made of zinc-coated steel, dimpled and molded plywood, and painted hardboard.


Things You Should Know

* Organize your CDs and DVDs by putting the discs in a storage changer and tossing the boxes.

* Tired of your DVD player staring you in the face? Put it in another room and operate it with a radio-frequency remote control. These remotes can have a range of up to 150 feet and don't have to be aimed at the equipment.

* Conceal your CD and DVD library behind sliding wall panels.


What It Will Cost

Sky's the limit

$1,250: Pioneer Elite DV-F07

This 301-disc DVD and CD player and changer features Virtual Dolby Digital for movie sound processing. Daisy-chain it to another unit to control as many as 600 discs.

Middle of the road

$399: Sony DVP-CX985V

A 400-disc MegaStorage DVD/SACD player.

Down to earth

$275: Sony CDP-CX455 400 Disc CD MegaStorage changer

Holds 400 CDs.


Resource Guide

Tall Sapien Bookcase, $230, at Design Within Reach stores,; Case Study DVD Shelf, $667, at Modernica, Los Angeles, (323) 933-0383; Corner Me CD Rack, $435, at Design Within Reach stores,; Theo Kalomirakis Theaters, New York, (877) 858-4328; Loc Nguyen, AV Monsters, Irvine, (714) 356-7299; Eames Storage Units, $430 to $3,000,; Pioneer Elite Sound, Pioneer North America,; Sony CD MegaStorage changers, (877) 865-SONY,; Film books courtesy of Samuel French Theater and Film Bookstore, Los Angeles, (323) 876-0570; DVDs courtesy of Vidiots, Santa Monica, (310) 392-8508.

OTHER RESOURCES: Trade associations include Custom Electronic Design & Installation Assn.,; National Systems Contractors Assn., Reviews: Motorized drapery/window treatments: Solar Shading Systems, (800) 432-7526, Custom lift and mechanical elevator systems: J & R Engineering, (818) 842-3393.


Produced by Barbara Thornburg; Styled by Tristam Steinberg

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