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Velvety, and tender as the night

September 30, 2004|Lisa Moricoli Latham

When you hold your hands on opposite sides of a chicken-wire fence and rub them back and forth, you get a sensation that makes it feel like velvet.

Same effect with these bed linens. The little two-toned pleats are only partially sewn down to create ripples of texture that somehow recall African tree bark and Catholic schoolgirl uniforms.

If you run your hand across it, the lightweight cotton will feel just like velvet, we're sure.

Standard shams are $38 and the coverlets are $198 for a king, $178 for a queen, $168 for a double and $148 for a twin -- in case your kids have an African Plains or M.C. Escher theme going in their bedroom.

Available at, (800) 622-6216.


Lisa Moricoli Latham

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