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Greasing the Wheels for Public Transit

April 16, 2005

Re "Public Transit Ridership Rises as Gas Prices Soar" and "Commuters Railroaded by Gas Prices," April 12: I have recently moved here from Hamburg, Germany, and I still find myself surprised at two things: (1) There actually is public transit in Los Angeles. (2) It takes an amazing amount of energy to find out how to get from A to B with it.

I think the media can help people making public transit an option. Most newspapers in my hometown do that, and I think it would also work for The Times.

This is how the Hamburger Abendblatt goes about it: In its Calendar section, after every article, it not only tells you the name, place and price of an event, it also includes how you can get there with public transit. It does not take much space; it just says what the nearest train station and/or bus stop (and bus/train line) is.

Maybe you could think about adopting this strategy? I am sure your readers would appreciate it, especially because the ones who use trains and buses might be getting more numerous.

You might even help convert some who would normally use their cars, and wouldn't that be great?

Ina Rometsch

South Pasadena


The only effective way to protest gas prices is by not buying gas in the first place.

Use public transportation, which, believe it or not, is available. Carpool. Ride bikes. Walk.

Pauli Peter

Los Angeles

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