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Carpool lanes are for carpools, not hybrids

August 16, 2005

Re "State Limits Hybrids in Fast Lanes," Aug. 12

The great irony about allowing solo drivers in hybrid cars to use the carpool lane is that they get more miles per gallon in the stop-and-go traffic of regular freeway lanes. That is why their miles per gallon are higher in the city than on the open road. The ordinary vehicle without a hybrid engine gets better mileage in free-flowing traffic. Theoretically, there would be lower emissions and we would conserve more fuel if the hybrids were the cars stuck in traffic!


Los Angeles


Where is the logic for allowing hybrids in carpool lanes? How will single-driver hybrids move traffic more efficiently in the already packed carpool lanes during peak-hour traffic? Allowing single drivers in carpool lanes punishes those who share rides to use carpool lanes as intended. Do car buyers really need carpool lanes as an incentive to buy hybrids? No! Hybrids were built to save gas -- not time on the freeway. That's incentive enough.



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