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First Place Isn't Quite Enough for These Fans

August 20, 2005

When are the Angels going to learn to let the starting pitchers go the distance without having their great work undermined by their, to be charitable, erratic "closer?" After watching Frankie Rodriguez blow yet another save opportunity, I have no confidence at all in him.

And what was the benefit of letting Troy Glaus go in order to let the injury-prone and completely useless Dallas McPherson take over at third?

And how is Cabrera an upgrade over David Eckstein?

Please Mr. Stoneman, answer me.


Laguna Beach

I have mixed feelings about the contracts of the Angel announcers not being reviewed until the end of the year.

As a fan of the club since 1961, I think Rory Markas and Terry Smith on the radio are the best game-calling team in many, many seasons.

The TV team of Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler drives me up the wall, however. They don't call a game at all but rather serve as Arte Moreno's personal chamber of commerce.

The other night, Physioc said, "Angel Stadium has such a great family atmosphere. Last year Pamela Anderson saw a game here." Good grief!

And a few weeks back, Hudler spent two innings interviewing draft pick Trevor Bell, the grandson of one of the men who portrayed Bozo the Clown.

"So, how's your grandfather?" Hudler asked.

Bell responded, "Oh, he passed away in 1997."

Put Markas and Smith on radio and TV. Serious fans will be well served.



Should Angel center fielder Steve Finley be called "the Designated Out" or "the Rally Killer?"

Either title would be correct.


Garden Grove

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