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Hard Questions, Sharp Words on Inmate's Killing

Clash between Supervisor Gloria Molina and Undersheriff Larry L. Waldie highlights problems.

December 16, 2005|William Nottingham | Times Staff Writer

Molina: Well, excuse me, Undersheriff Waldie, let me just say one more thing. I never accused an individual deputy sheriff of not caring.... I am concerned about administrative responsibilities and duties.... I'm saying you may have done all of these things, but this board has not gotten that reconciliation of the Merrick Bobb recommendations.

Waldie: And you will have it, Ms. Molina.

Molina: And so that doesn't mean that I'm accusing you or anyone else. What it does mean is that recommendations were made and we have not had the kind of reconciliation to say, "I did these five things to get this done and here's where I am and here's where I'm going." I don't have that information.

Waldie: You will have it.

Molina: And so I'm sure that we regret every one of these deaths, and more so we regret having to pay out the money that we do all of the time.

But the other part of it is we don't want to escalate any danger to any of our deputy sheriffs. If we had these systems in place, it would also protect the deputies who are there every single day, risking their lives taking care of the kind of inmates that we're housing.

So you know that it goes both ways. It isn't just about the inmates; it also gives us an opportunity to better manage our jails, to better protect the personnel that are involved every single day in trying to carry out their duties.

So I'm not accusing. What I'm saying is we are not getting the information or at least we're not informed enough as you are to have a sense of security that things are getting done. On our end of it, we're not getting it.

But I'd love to see it, because I'd like to have the same confidence that you're demonstrating here, and we know that things happen and particularly in this kind of environment. But it is clear that we have -- you have to assure us and we need to assure the public. That's a duty we both have.

Waldie: You're right.

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