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Scientology: believers and skeptics

December 20, 2005

Re "At Inland Base, Scientologists Trained Top Gun," Dec. 18

Tom Cruise interviewed with Matt Lauer and courageously stood up against the psychiatric megalith that is ruining the lives, education and freedom of American children through enforced drugging and meaningless "diagnoses."

After he brought attention to the issue, psychiatric prescriptions for children dropped by 20% and the Food and Drug Administration came out with warnings on numerous psychiatric "wonder drugs" that were linked to child suicides and violence.

Your article's attentions to the minutiae of Scientology leader David Miscavige's lifestyle and his friendship with Cruise are only a tribute to their success. And yes, we are both Scientologists for more than 30 years and proud of it.



Lake View Terrace


In this wonderful country of ours, people are free to be as nutty as they wish as long as they don't hurt anyone else. If someone wants to form a group that believes in some ultra-nutty sci-fi story about the origins of life, more power to him.

But to grant that group tax-exempt status because it uses the word "church" in its name while some of its members live in ultra-luxury is just plain criminal.




It is astounding to me that there are those who won't even begin to accept the idea that there might be a God (a belief which is free, by the way), yet will spend tens of thousands of dollars to swallow the "secret theory of human suffering," which, if your article is correct, hangs on an intergalactic battle and a tyrant named Xenu.


Santa Monica

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