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Howard Dean: the Right Man for the Democrats

February 07, 2005

Re "A Suicidal Selection," Commentary, Feb. 4: I am supporting Howard Dean for chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

I am sick of the ignorant, corrupt, bullying, hypocritical liars who control the Republican Party and the country. I am sick of the GOP spin machines that distort every opposing view and portray even the idea of dissent as tantamount to treason.

I am sick of the media, which are either in the pocket of the Republicans or so cowed by right-wing bullies that they dare not raise their voices to oppose the policies of the Bush administration.

I am sick of policies that try to ram one party's view of religion down everyone else's throat, of the vilification of gays for political gain, and of immoral and unnecessary wars started on blatantly false pretenses. But most of all, I am sick of Democrats who do not have the courage to speak up against all of the many stupid and evil things that this administration has done, is doing and will continue to do as long as nobody calls them on it.

Dean is not a perfect man, but he does have the courage to say what he knows to be true, even when it is politically risky.

Dean has the intelligence and the courage to inspire people to join the party and the organizational skills to raise money and build a truly national party.

Michael Vanier



I beg to differ with the assertion that Dean is a "suicidal selection" for DNC chair. Jonathan Chait's claim that "he reinforces all the party's weaknesses" is absurd. Pursuing a middle-of-the-road tack, as Chait espouses, is the real weakness: It will result in the same spineless party we have now.

Dean is everything the Democrats need. He will infuse the party with energy and motivation. He will openly criticize an administration that has staged a virtual coup of public opinion and economic and environmental policy. But best of all, he will spark a debate about the direction this country is going instead of letting our values and prestige silently disappear. That is something this whole country needs.

Amanda Eckerson

Los Angeles

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