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A site for pickup trucks, lines

February 12, 2005|Eric Edwards | Orlando Sentinel

Online dating has become very specific.

For young singles looking for a good time, there's, which lets viewers categorize their search by: a) dating; b) relationship; or c) intimate encounter.

For those looking for lasting love, claims to be the site to turn to "when you're ready to find the love of your life."

But you may say, "Those sites are for the uptown crowd; I'm a little more down-to-earth. Where can I go to find true love?" Well, if by down-to-earth you mean you drive a pickup truck, know all of Tim McGraw's songs by heart and have plans to make a pilgrimage to Dale Earnhardt's "Garage Mahal" in Mooresville, N.C., then we have the website for you:

In the name of science, we decided to take a jog through the site to figure out what sort of things a redneck would be searching for in a significant other.

Turns out rednecks are pretty much like the rest of us until it comes time to list their hobbies and tastes, which tend to veer toward things like raisin' critters and raisin' crops and fixin' stuff.

The site was founded by Kevin McIntosh of Winston-Salem, N.C., who saw this venture as a way to connect rednecks who find themselves living in an increasingly un-redneck age.

"When Billy Ray moves from his hometown to a huge city such as Atlanta, he no longer has his Aunt Betty Jo around to introduce him to a Tammy Jo or a Tina Rae," McIntosh says. "The absence of those fix-ups is a threat to the perpetuation of the redneck culture. I'm hoping can become like a virtual Aunt Betty Jo."

So if hitting the wine bar and then going home to your loft to catch the last 20 minutes of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is not your thing, might be perfect.

Who knows, if you hurry and register as a "redneck man" or "redneck woman," you might even lasso a date for your annual Valentine's Day cow-tippin' trip (listed under sports on the website).

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