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RNC Outscores Democrats in Funds

The 6-to-1 financial disparity demonstrates the positive effect Bush's reelection has on his party's fundraising.

February 23, 2005|From Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee began the month with a 6-to-1 financial advantage over its Democratic counterpart, with $16.5 million in the bank compared with the Democratic National Committee's $2.6 million.

The RNC raised $10.5 million in January, according to its monthly report to the Federal Election Commission. The GOP spent $8.7 million, including a $1-million transfer to the Senate Republicans' fundraising committee and about $1 million in telemarketing, according to an analysis by Political Money Line, a nonpartisan campaign finance tracking service.

The DNC raised $4.1 million last month, based on its FEC report. It spent $7.6 million, including a donation of $1.5 million to Virginia Lt. Gov. Timothy Kaine's campaign for governor and a $1-million transfer to the Senate Democrats' fundraising committee.

The disparity between the two national committees in January fundraising illustrates the benefit President Bush's reelection to the White House can have day to day for his party.

However, all is not lost for new DNC Chairman Howard Dean. In the last election cycle, though behind early on, the Democratic National Committee eventually exceeded the Republicans in contributions by several million dollars.

Among other party committees filing January reports this week:

* The National Republican Senatorial Committee began February with $1.7 million in the bank and no debt. It raised $5.3 million in January and spent $4.6 million.

* The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had $475,648 left after paying off postelection debts. It raised about $2.7 million last month and spent about $2.6 million.

* The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which raises money for House Democrats, began February with $11 million in debt from last year's elections. It had $1.5 million in the bank as this month began. The committee raised $1.5 million and spent $1.7 million in January.

* The National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP's fundraising committee, reported $2 million on hand. It raised $4.6 million and spent $5.8 million in January. The spending included $3.5 million on phone banks.

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