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Bravoes and Brickbats for Sen. Boxer

January 20, 2005

Re "Rose, and Thorn, From California," Jan. 19: In the confirmation hearings for Condoleezza Rice as secretary of State, the roses and thorns are in the eyes of the beholder. Sen. Barbara Boxer sent roses to disheartened Democrats everywhere by courageously opposing the policies and exposing the many limitations of the woefully incompetent and dangerously overrated Rice. However, by unequivocally embracing Rice and all she stands for, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has cast thorns at her constituents and has failed to serve the people of California with honor.

Sheila Fenton

West Hollywood


After Boxer's brainless behavior at the secretary of State confirmation hearings, it is time for her to go. It is embarrassing to have a person of her low caliber representing our great state. Her envy of a more intelligent and successful woman is obvious.

Catherine Wirtz

Westlake Village


Kudos to Sen. Boxer in her on-target questioning of Rice. Rice has once again proved herself to be a disingenuous shill for the president, who freely distorts the truth to accommodate the ever-changing Orwellian message of the administration.

Even worse, Rice's shrill and frequently indignant responses to questions hardly seemed appropriate for any diplomat, let alone the secretary of State. At time when the United States needs to make a few new global friends, it's more than clear that Condoleezza Rice does not have the skills, capacity or mandate to do so. She should not be confirmed.

David Rosen

Long Beach


Can we recall Barbara Boxer?

Don Black

Rancho Palos Verdes


Thank you, Barbara Boxer, for standing up and speaking out. You are beacon to those of us who see the difference between what this administration says and what it does.

Mary Rapoport

Pacific Palisades


On the day after the nation celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., I watched an African American senator [Barack Obama] question an African American woman who will be the next secretary of State. We Americans still have a very long way to go, but we have also come a long way as well.

I am very, very proud.

Larry Edwards

Temple City

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